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? We offer warranty for our products

At Screened In Patio Guys, we offer a warranty on all our enclosures covering all our manufactured items such as roof panels, glass, seals, framing and others. All the other products also have exceptional warranties.

? We can customize your preferred design

No matter what you dream, you can be assured that we will bring it life. We have upgrades and options that reflect your style and taste and with your input, we can create a room that is 100% designed for you. We understand that each home is different and every persons needs are unique. We can individually customize your 3 seasons room to ensure that it meets your preferred specification.

? Personal service

We understand that just like your home, your project is unique and this is the reason why we begin the construction process with an inhouse consultation. We have design consultants who will assess your space, listen to ideas concerning your project and come up with a personalized plan. We ensure that your home improvement plan fits to your budget without exceeding your expectation. In other words, our custom approach can be termed as personal service at its best.

Why 3 seasons rooms are popular

In the recent past, there has been an increase in the popularity of the 3 season rooms and the demand for the product keeps on rising. The main reason for the upsurge of the popularity of the three season room is that it is relatively inexpensive as compared to the conventional rooms and are built to withstand the harsh weathers. Despite the fact that they are not costly, the rooms can be used for12 months in a year.

The 3 seasons rooms can work extremely well for their intended purpose. They can provide protection from rain and wind, are bug-free and are excellent shade room during the hot summer. The 3 season rooms are a great place for entertaining guests during summer or just enjoying the outdoor. These additions are popular for condo homeowners. While these rooms may be inhabitable during winter, it is possible to use space heaters to extend the use of the rooms into late fall and early spring.

Choosing three seasons rooms

There are several things that you should consider when choosing 3 season rooms. You should bear in mind that even though the solid roofs arent perfect for providing a shade in the hot summer, they can darken the room where they are attached and this may leave you frustrated particularly if they are attached to the family room or kitchen where there is need for adequate natural lighting. This is why you need to find a manufacturer who will construct the room in a manner that it will provide adequate lighting. We Screened In Patio Guys, pride ourselves in providing nothing short of the best. We provide an attractive but economical choice for homeowners who are searching for an insulated producer. When you contact us on 888-378-0883, we will transform your patio into that comfortable and protected outdoor living space.

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